Sunday, April 01, 2012

Irrational Exuberance

Chris's postgame analysis:


ESPN's analysis: "How to Explain KU? Don't Even Try."

Keegan: "Kansas, Tyshawn Taylor Topsy-Turvy."

CBS's Borzello: "My mentality has grown and matured in a huge, huge way," Taylor added. "It's like everyone else that went to college. I changed drastically."

Lutz: "Somehow, some way, Kansas is in the final."

CNNSI's Mandel: "We're a sloppy team sometimes," conceded Withey. "But we like that, because if we can get the other team out of rhythm, they're done."


  1. Plus Naismith Coach of the Year!

  2. And how about Releford last night? Barkley kept saying we only have two guys who can score and we couldn't come back?

    You know, it's gonna be tough to beat Kentucky. Real tough. I wouldn't blame anyone for picking against us tomorrow.

    But a little respect:

  3. Also, please read this piece on Withey's performance:

    "Matta was red-faced and yelling at him, looking stunned that his All-American, his future NBA power forward was reduced to such shenanigans by a rail-thin red-shirt junior like Jeff Withey."

  4. Also, please read this very promising blog post about the key stats.

    Have I mentioned that I love this year's team? Let's go KU!

  5. Hey, that is encouraging! Or is it just another example of liberals like us reading the NYT to hear what we want to hear?

    It's also somewhat encouraging to look back at our post on the previous Kentucky game. There really was a sense that we competed and could play with those guys -- but that this team's fatal flaw would be outside shooting. Little did we know at the time that these 'Hawks would somehow advance all the way to Monday Night against those same Wildcats, despite shooting poorly throughout the tourney.

  6. Predictions?

    So far this team has played right into the 2003 analogy. But this is where the analogy flips. UK will be tight as they are the prohibitive favorite. Cal will feel the exact same pressure Roy felt in '03, having come to his 2nd final four in a row. We will continue our miracle run, not unlike Carmelo and the Orangemen.

    Kansas 71 Kentucky 68

    And, if I'm wrong, well, who gives a damn? Helluva season.

  7. Excellent, Chris. Flip that analogy!

    I do feel the pressure is off compared to our last two Monday Night appearances. In '03, as you say, Roy still had that monkey on his back, plus we were in our second Final 4 in a row and it was the last chance for that great, once-in-a-lifetime senior class. And '08 was a similar situation, with Self and Kansas trying to get a monkey off the back, and the last chance for that incredible junior class to win it all.

    This is more like 1988, going in as the underdog against a much more talented team that's already beaten us. (Also, it's hard not to compare Calipari w/ Billy Tubbs.) I can't quite go along with saying "who gives a damn?" if we lose, but this time we've already exceeded expectations. Whatever happens tonight is gravy.

    So I agree that the psychological aspect favors us, but am I ready to predict that Kansas is going to pull this off? ... I'm not sure.

  8. I guess from where I sit we might as well win this one too. Nearly no one thought we'd get this far, so what the hell?

    My only slight concern (ha! who'd have thought I'd only have slight concerns?!) is that they'll be too loose. This team seems to need a little tension to hit that high note, but if we get down by thirteen it may be too late. Hopefully the 6.5 point underdog status will do the trick...

    I like the three point spread, and as much as I'd love a 70+ game, I'm expecting something more like 63-60.

    But really all I'm hoping for is a fun game. Thinking it may be time to take Franklin to his first alumni watch party, and I want him to have a good experience.

    Chris is right, though--helluva season come what may.

  9. Good in-depth piece from The Star about Larry Brown's role with the team this year -- in which among other things he reflects on his decision to leave in '88...

    "Looking back on it," he says, "I didn’t make the right decision."

  10. Every single commentator in ESPN's roundtable is picking Kentucky -- with the exception of Spurs great Bruce Bowen, on ESPN First Take. Why does he pick Kansas, you ask? Because Kansas plays DEFENSE!

    So I'll take up the rallying cry of Bruce, and -- in keeping with the title of this post -- take these crazy-like-a-fox 'Hawks by one. Let's say, 74-73.