Wednesday, March 16, 2011

he did it again!

Once again Obama picked us to go all the way. How do we feel about this? He says they deserve a second chance this year even though we ruined his and everyone elses' bracket last year.

Also, here's Self on Mike and Mike this morning.


  1. I was disappointed that he chalked all the No. 1 seeds. SHOW SOME LEADERSHIP, MR. PRESIDENT!

    Of course, it did happen in '08 and that worked out OK for us.

    To address Chris's concerns about Illinois in the previous thread, Illini alums in my office say their post defense is nonexistent and would get eaten alive by the twins -- if they advance at all.

  2. To expand on that a bit, I just don't see anything statistically to scare me about either of those teams.

    Both are defensively pretty strong, holding opponents to 40 percent. But in other categories they aren't so great -- esp. rebounding, which tells me the twins don't have much to worry about. And if you can't neutralize the Morrii you have no chance against us.

    UNLV has lost 8 games and is third in the Mountain West. Compare that to Northern Iowa last year: only 4 losses, dominated the MVC, top 10 in several categories, Top 25 and #13 RPI. Now THAT was an underseeded 8.

  3. Damn, I was afraid of this... For the first time, Slate's "Teams We Hate" feature includes Kansas -- for all the reasons you would expect.

    Still good reading, though, esp. for its entries on Duke, Penn St., and yes, Boston U.

    Now paging: Yancy and Scott. Going AWOL in March is not allowed.

  4. Why's everybody gotta hate on Tyshawn?

    Speaking of bullies, y'all's blogside manner needs a little work. Try to make a guy feel welcome, not guilty, what say?

    I like the Obama picks, though, and I like the New Yorker write-up.

    The Texas game was great (even the replay, since my UT friend and I were hiking in the rain during the game...), and restored a lot of my confidence after those shaky Big 12 tourney games. I see no reason to fear anything now except my own high expectations.

    In any case, I've got nothing to do now besides grading finals and watching games, so I hope to see more of myself on here. Cheers

  5. This is absolutely a welcoming atmosphere and damn you to hell for suggesting otherwise!

  6. I believe Morehead State's website just crashed.

  7. Excellent.

    And Richmond now! I think I actually picked that one (still smarts though--Emily and I were at Allen when KU fell to the Spiders...).

  8. I didn't pick any of those but I'll take it. Sure lines up nice for us if we could just get out of the 2nd round -- a double-digit seed opponent in the round of 16.

    (Of course Davidson '08 was also a double-digit seed, for some reason.)

    Wofford let me down. Oh well, now it's time to euthanize yet another litter of terriers.

  9. Like FX!

    Nobody? Too obscure?

  10. No, I'm totally with you.

    The more metaphors for terrorizing terriers the merrier. (Tongue-twister!)

  11. Yes, we need to get this game over with ASAP, because every time we see the schedule Emily's wound over that show's cancellation is re-opened. Just let the pain end!

  12. Wow, stunning finish for George Mason!

  13. Indeed!

    Arizona vs. Memphis in a surprisingly exciting finish too...

  14. Okay, coming up on party time!

    About to abandon my grading and catch a bus to the alumni watch party...
    Not sure I'll be able to post comments from the bar, but I'm with you in spirit, Jayhawk Nation. Rock Chalk!

  15. I think I'll miss Sunday's game (whoever's playing) so I'm watching this one. Time to act like heartless corporate suits and terminate the charming upstart Terriers!