Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tyshawn Taylor

I'm having a hard time getting a read on this guy. I've missed a few games out here without being able to get them on TV for the first time unless it's nationally televised. Probably need to bite the bullet and get ESPN Full Court or something.

He seems like a solid defender, sometimes. But he also seems like a headcase, sometimes. Yeah he's a freshman, what do you guys think his ceiling is though.

Is he more Russ Rob or more Chalmers? He kind of reminds me of a Marlon London type, but that's maybe too harsh.

And any predictions on the football hawks tonight?

I say we win the Glen Mason bowl by three TDS, 42-21.


  1. Oh, and one of my new year's resolutions... Post more on the blog!

  2. Good to have you back, SJ.

    Holy sh**, is that time-stamp right? Did you predict the exact score of the bowl game before the fact, or are you screwing with us?

    Anyway, that and the Mizzou game were great cappers to a slightly disappointing season. And you've got to be excited about next year, with Reesing, Meier and Briscoe all back.

    On the hoops front, I'm excited about us stealing center Jeff Withey away from 'Zona -- revenge for last week's mauling -- and about the chance for redemption Saturday against the #14 Vols.

    As for Tyshawn, my first thought was comparing him to Langford, but that's premature. He's got a lot more offense than RussRob or Marlon (nice callback there), but a big dropoff on D from both RussRob and Mario.

    He's an enigma wrapped in a riddle. So are most freshmen; too bad this year his deficiencies are more in the spotlight because of our lack of veterans. But as with the twins, I like his upside.

  3. Speaking of Chalmers, I think the fact that Mario is, not just an NBA player, but apparently a really good NBA player shows just how much many of us Kansas fans under valued him in college. I mean, who among us didn't think Chalmers should come back for his senior season, that he was a marginal NBA player at best, see you in the Greek League?

    I certainly did. NBA scouts certainly did--he's a second round pick. And then over Christmas, I'm watching Chalmers on the floor during the last two minutes of Heat/Lakers (I can only watch the last two minutes of an NBA game) helping on Kobe and dishing to Dwayne Wade, finishing with twenty points and nine assists. Not Rush. Not Darrell Arthur. Chalmers.

    We all fell in love with Rush's potential, size, and scoring ability. But there's something to be said, I guess, for a guy who is fearless, wants the ball, and has the best defensive hands in big time college basketball. Mario, I may actually watch a full half of NBA basketball this year.

  4. Love all the action on here!

    Nice call on the bowl, J Scott. Any predictions on tomorrow?
    Or things I ought to look for? Been kind of hit & miss with us seeing games so far, and it's hard to get a strong sense of the players at a sports bar . . .

    I did want to mention, Scott, a site called the risk of incurring some awful legal action, I'll just say that there's a dude there who's been streaming most all of our games for free . . . email me for a link (or check the kusports message boards--that's where I found out about it)

  5. Ha Deron, yes I did guess that score.

    I've been saving up all of my insight for one big burst like that.

    Watching the first half here. Sherron Collins looks like he is playing the role of the Globetrotters to Tennessee's Washington Generals. Wow.