Monday, February 25, 2008


I'll keep my commentary on the OSU loss more or less upbeat. Maybe our team has just been affected by the same doldrums that have silenced our bloggers lately?

It may seem weak to look for excuses, but watching the game Sat. in a loud bar I didn't get the news that DJ's cousin and Rod Stewart's brother had just been murdered. Although DJ played well, it's hard to fault the team for a lackluster performance.

(We did play well in the final 10 minutes, but it wasn't quite enough after we gave OSU so much confidence with our poor play in the first 3 quarters.)

Before I heard the tragic news, I had a lot of thoughts and theories as to why the 'Hawks have looked relatively anemic of late, but given the way that life sometimes intervenes, maybe we should write this one off and focus on the good:

We're still in line for a 2 seed, and still only a game back for the Big 12 title -- which would likely yield us a 1 seed after all. So I'm going to dispense with the negativity (if nothing else, just to avoid sounding like all the a-hole commenters on and hope that our guys can shake this one off as March approaches.

(That's not to say that the rest of you are barred from making negative comments. I'd settle for any kind of discussion at this point -- come on, people, it's crunch time!)


  1. Seriously. Anything at all.

  2. You're right--sorry (again).

    Great posts of late; I especially like the story about Self and Marshall. Thanks (again).

    As for the other day, I guess what really bothered me was that we seem to have fixed some of our early problems (rebounding was not bad, on the whole; free throw shooting was near great), only to replace them with new problems. Since when does our offensive need to try that hard to score? I know that zone can f**k with people, but seriously?

    My other main concern is in-game adjustments: why can't we make any lately? Yes, BR got hot at the end, but when he wasn't hot before, can't we draw up some plays to help out? Or find a way to get some open looks for someone else?

    And don't even ask about the set play after the time-out that ended in a turnover.

    Huh: apparently I'm less forgiving than dgl (an odd thing to say). You're right that there's no real cause for despair, but March is only three days away--we need to get this thing under control soon, and there's not much margin for error.

    I do feel for the team, though; and Stewart . . . and especially DJ. How much trial and tribulation can one man take? Quite a bit, apparently. Hats off.

  3. Game Day is in Lawrence. March is here. The rematch with K-State is tomorrow.


  4. Don't think you're off the hook, either, Yance. (Good to have you back, though).

    The participation of late has been even worse than it was during the Orange Bowl (and that was pretty bad, considering it was, you know, the friggin' Orange Bowl!!)...

    Anyway, at least our boys stopped the bleeding the other day at ISU -- a good win, but still not an inspired performance, so I think it can fall under the "Doldrums" theme.

    I'm very confident, however, that we'll snap out of it on Saturday -- both the players and our bloggers. If rivalry and revenge can't light a fire under some asses, I don't know what will...

  5. mid-game comment: so far, dgl looks pretty prescient. and how about kaun's first half? rock chalk