Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ESPN Plus?

What programming geniuses decided to relegate the Kansas-KSU game to third-class status on ESPN Plus, which absolutely no one in the country gets?

You have the best team in the country going to play the best freshman in the country (Michael Beasley) in an arena where we haven't lost in what, 18 years? Even if the historic upset doesn't happen (this game is dangerous for the 'Hawks), it's still a huge marquee matchup, yet ESPN has decided to show Maryland-Virginia instead.

(The other games they're showing -- Cincy vs. West Virginia, Texas vs. A&M -- those I can forgive. But Maryland-Virginia?? Surely you jest.)


  1. Ah, but many people do get ESPN+: all those who subscribe to the pay-per-view Full Court package.

    Oh, and there's also the option to watch the game on ESPN360. And who can do that? Anyone lucky enough (or with enough weird sports-centered foresight) to have subscribed to a broadband Internet provider with a contract with the blessed network (not mine--I hope you can sense my bitterness).

    In other words, this is a great move from a marketing standpoint. Sure a near-monopoly on televised sports is good, but you know what would be great? Forcing people to pay even more so that the monopoly is not only exclusive but also ridiculously lucrative.

    Bastards. Don't even get me started on ESPNU.

  2. Seriously, is there a bigger game all year that's not being televised? I can't think of one.