Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Rebirth Of Paul?

After a month off from blogging there's still not a lot to report, except for yesterday's mega-deal sending Kevin Garnett to the Celtics, which coupled with the draft day acquisition of Ray Allen could bring long-suffering Paul Pierce back into the NBA spotlight.

Some are saying that the trade immediately makes Boston a front-runner, if not THE front-runner, in the East. Now, almost every Eastern team in contention (Cleveland, Chicago, Miami and the Celts) features a KU alum. And keep in mind that Pierce's old KU frontcourt companion Raef Lafrentz also gained a valuable new teammate in Greg Oden, who joins him on the Trailblazers (where Kevin Pritchard is an exec).

So is it now a virtual lock that a Jayhawk will reach the Finals three years running? Maybe.

However, I have to say I'm lukewarm on the Celtics' prospects. After all they gave up to nab Garnett, they only have like 8 guys left on their roster and not much money left for more signings. Besides, who on that team is going to play any defense? They should be a lot of fun to watch next season, but I'll be surprised if they reach the Finals.

And the Blazers? Give them a few years...


  1. Hey, did I miss something?

    I though Durant was on my new hometown Sonics squad.
    With KU alum Nick Collison.

    And, now that we're on the subject, what do you think of their chances, dgl?

    Nice to see something on the blog again, by the bye. Thanks, Deron.

  2. Good catch, Yance. That's corrected on the original post now. Leave it to a longtime Sonics fan like yourself to notice.

    I think w/ both of those Pacific NW rookies it'll take a few years, but Portland's probably better positioned because they've got Brandon Roy to be Oden's running mate, whereas the Sonics ditched Allen and are in full rebuild mode.

    Plus, a guy Oden's size can make an impact right away, but Durant needs to hit the weight room before he can dominate.

  3. Maybe I am still smarting from the Sam Bowie- Michael Jordan deal, but I really think Durant may be the better pick. Of course, I am biased because I saw what he did to a very good KU team with some exceptional defenders, whereas I am not as familiar with Oden.

    That said, the Blazers will easily handle the Sonics next year. Aldridge will be far better than Durant (at least next year) and Roy can do everything. I look forward to a little NW rivalry with Yancy.

  4. I always wondered about that... Was Sam Bowie generating Oden-like hype back in 1984? How could such a thing have happened?

    It could be that something similar happens in this case. But, OR, let's also remember what KU did to Durant in both of those games.

    I hope he does become a Jordanesque star; it'll be that much more fun to go back and watch the tapes from last year.

  5. More fun Celtics/Jayhawk news:

    It appears Beantown has signed Scot Pollard to a contract. Since, as I mentioned before, their roster is totally depleted, Scot might actually get some playing time this year alongside his old KU teammate.

    (The Celtics are so desperate for bodies that they're also reportedly trying to sign Reggie Miller. And, I think, Bill Russell).