Friday, June 15, 2007

Jacque Wins Title! Jacque Wins Title!

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  1. As a Spurs fan, I apologize for the ugliness of Games 3 and 4 (if indeed anyone was watching). The Cavs had figured out how to jam up Duncan by then, so there was no offensive flow.

    (I swear, though, if I hear one more person call SA "boring," I'm going to f-ing lose it. How many teams do you know that can play up-tempo AND half-court, that can shoot, pass, defend and rebound brilliantly? If they were the New York or Los Angeles Spurs, they'd be media gods and their TV ratings would be off-the-charts.)

    Jacque had a good series. He dished out assists, played tough D (drew a charge on LBJ last night) and even nailed some jumpers (always the Achilles heel). He plays exactly the way he did when he was "the Man" at KU -- great energy, positivity, no ego. Bill Walton said Jacque was better than any of the Cavs guards in the series (and he never exaggerates).

    Drew put up good numbers, and he showed what we already knew -- that he has the ability to match up with guys like Duncan. But he's lacking in smarts and consistency; he gets pleased with himself after a few makes and starts to take bad shots, and while his offensive rebounding is great, his defensive box-outs -- not so much.

    Also, lose the damn neck patch already.

    The Cavs guarded "Tim-mah" better than I expected, so Pollard wasn't needed for that. But I still think he should have gotten some minutes, as one of the few experienced players on the team, who could have delivered some fouls, and done a better job of defensive rebounding than the other Cavs -- maybe the biggest reason they lost Game 4.

    Definitely not a Series that bathed the NBA in glory, but a pretty good one from a Jayhawk perspective; here's hoping for some more alumni cameos next year.