Sunday, July 02, 2006

Best Buy- Blue Polo and Khaki pandemonium!

This is great. Wish we had one around here to F with Wal-Mart or somebody.


  1. That's some quite impressive guerilla theater. I especially like the part about the panicked security guards shouting "Thomas Crown Affair!" into their handsets.

    How about Ben Wallace going to 'da Bulls for $60 million? Suddenly the Pistons dynasty-in-waiting looks to be over.

    Was it worth it for Chicago? They did need a big man, and if Tyrus Thomas lives up to expectations they could break some records for blocked shots next year. But $60 mil seems a lot to give up for a 32-year old who has no offense and is worse at the line than Shaq. And are Kirk, Gordon, Nocioni, etc. ready to be champs, no matter who's in the paint?

  2. ... on the other hand, I don't want to underestimate the enormity of the Wallace signing. The Bulls should now be no worse than 3rd in the Eastern Conference, and they could potentially be #1 if the aging Heat begin to decline.

  3. ... AND this just in: the Bulls are reportedly trading Tyson Chandler for P.J. Brown. This would make them absolutely ferocious when it comes to interior D, but P.J. is pushing 40 and, like Wallace, doesn't score.

  4. Sorry, it's another slow news week, so here are some more

    Mind-Numbingly Awful Keegan Quotes of the Week:

    First, from the "Stop This Metaphor, I Want to Get Off" Department:

    "When the end zone is the scent, Cornish has an excellent sense of smell."

    And, from the "Masterpieces of Redundancy" department:

    "... Chalmers has an unusually emphatic final burst that makes him hard to guard and even harder to be guarded by an opponent."

    Say whaa--?!

  5. "... Chalmers has an unusually emphatic final burst that makes him hard to guard and even harder to be guarded by an opponent."


    He must mean that sometimes Chamlers defends himself. Or maybe other teammates have been guarding him. I'm looking at you, Robinson!

  6. SI's Seth Davis posted a great column yesterday on what he would do if he became "commissioner" of college basketball.

    First, he says, ditch the play-in game. The NCAA recently opted not to expand the tourney, which I think was probably the right move. I say, 64 4-ever, baby!

    He also argues, more or less jokingly, that presidents should take a 50% pay cut for "major NCAA infractions." Take that, Bob!

    Best of all, in my opinion, is this suggestion: "Ensure that students automatically get the best seats." Of course, now that I'm not a student anymore, I probably shouldn't be advocating this, but dammit, I think Cameron Indoor is the only venue that does it right.