Saturday, February 25, 2006

KU Predictions

Ismail:[paraphrasing] (ugly game in the 70s, Texas by 5

Scott J.:I'm saying 65-60 Horns.

Rick Barnes is a terrible coach, he can't motivate his players for shit, but the home crowd will do that for him in this game. Watching Texas play my other team (Memphis), I gotta say that that Memphis should have beaten them too, if they hadn't taken 32 three pointers and made 6 of them.

PJ Tucker will obviously be the guy we can't match up with. It actually hurt Memphis when Aldridge got in foul trouble, because that meant that Tucker spent more time in the lane.

Yancy:KU by 15: 83-68>why not?

Sido: Strong, Yancy! Strong!
KU - 81UT - 76
Wright - 14 pts, 9 reb, 3 blocksRush - 21 pts, 9 rebVOGEL - 23 pts

Chris Lee <> wrote:> >> > I say UT 75-70.> >> > ku has to lose sometime, and now's as good a time as any.

Deron Lee wrote:Earlier I called for predictions, but so far I think only Ismail has> > > delivered (ugly game in the 70s, Texas by 5). So now I will renew that> > > call and offer my own:I like our chances because we've been playing better than them lately,> > > and I think there's more pressure on them than us--they have a ranking and preseason expectations to maintain. I also think we won't get rattled, because frankly, it isn't that tough an environment comparedto say, Columbia or Ames; UT fans just can't get that interested inbasketball, esp. because they're still hung over from the Vince Young thing. But since they probably want this one more than us, they'regoing to be very aggressive on D, and they'll get all the crucialcalls, so we could outplay them and still lose (just like at Mizzou, or arguably, what happened to OU at the Field House). Therefore I'llsay UT by three points in overtime, maybe double OT.

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  1. Did Clay make a prediction?

    i didn't see it.